Happy Graduate Student Appreciation Week, graduate students! At this time you should deliver a copy of the dissertation to your outside examiner note that your committee and the outside examiner will probably want a paper copy of the dissertation for purposes of the final examination, but it can be in pdf format if all involved are in agreement. This page must include the filename with file type. The Bibliography presented at the end covers both parts. We have made great strides this year for graduate students and we look forward to serving the needs of all Graduate and Professional Students and Postdocs here at the University of Kentucky. When will I receive my Diploma? The survey data are reported only in aggregate form or in a manner that does not identify information about any individual.

Therefore, the Graduate School sets criteria and standards for the format of the written work which will be available not only to the immediate campus, but also to a wider scholarly community via the Web. Note that the Graduate School cannot accept replacement copies or other changes once the final dissertation has been submitted. It will be from 3: You must plan ahead if you know you will require a Degree Certification Letter. These data serve policymakers at the federal, state, local and university levels. University of Kentucky Graduate School.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact journal editors regarding an individual journal’s copyright regulations prior to publication with that journal. This section must be divided into chapters or sections. Copyright arises automatically when a work is first fixed in a tangible medium such as a book or manuscript or in an electronic medium such as a computer file or e-mail.

After completing the SED, scan the confirmation and submit it to UKnowledge per the instructions in the submission guide. Bibliographies must be alphabetized even within sub-headings if used. April 26 at 6: To set your document to open with bookmarks revealed:.


To set your document to open with bookmarks revealed: The journal may hold the copyright to the material, and a request for release should be made prior to reproducing that material in the dissertation. Finals will be from 5: If you are planning to graduate within the semester in which you are submitting your Final Copy, the semester deadline supersedes your 60 day deadline, and you must follow the deadlines for that semester –even if your 60 day deadline comes after the stated semester deadline for submission of Final Copies.

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Numbers must be positioned 0. Students are ineligible for retroactive awards and will forfeit their eligibility if they are not nominated within this timeframe. References may be listed either alphabetically or numerically in order of citation.

Learn more about Research Suite and get a free account today. If the abstract is not in English, provide diwsertation English translation. The University of Kentucky has some pretty talented teaching assistants sharing their passion with students everyday. Once your transcript reflects the accepted date, you may request a Degree Certification Letter by submitting the form linked above to the Academic Affairs Officer for your program.

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It is almost here! Therefore, the Graduate School sets criteria and standards for the format diasertation the written work which will be available not only to the immediate campus, but also to a wider scholarly community via the Web.

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If you have any questions concerning copyright law or what constitutes “fair use”, visit this document: Do not include graphs, charts, tables or other illustrations in the abstract. Do not include the figure legend. Be sure that all files your PDF and all multimedia disdertation are in the same folder on your computer. In submitting the dissertation, the student will be granting to the University of Kentucky and its agents the non-exclusive license to archive and make accessible the dissertation in whole or in part in all forms of media, now or hereafter known.


The bottom line on the last page of each chapter is a possibility for such placement. Both the figure page and the heading page should be numbered in the usual consecutive manner. The specific order of the pages is as follow.

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Be on the outlook for all of the awesome events coming this week. To make your ownership of the work clearer, The Graduate School now requires a copyright notice be placed centered at the bottom of the dissertation title page: University of Kentucky Graduate School shared an event. The Graduate School will honor requests to hold a dissertation for six months and with possible renewal for another six months prior to releasing it for publication and archiving in the UK Libraries.

Typically, it takes the full 90 days after the official end of the semester for diplomas to be mailed. What if my 60 Day deadline has passed, can I receive an extension?

uky dissertation enhancement