As part of the Master of Engineering Science program there is a Thesis requirement that needs to be met before graduation. There are a wide range of topics available for you to choose and you can even come up with your own, the choice is yours! Explanation of your interest in the area Education and work background Request a meet time to discuss potential research topics. As a student in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering you will fall under one of the following 3 categories:. View the article submission guide. You can then proceed to register.

Overleaf v2 offers an impressive collection of new and upgraded collaboration features, and your institutional subscription provides all users with access to the powerful track changes feature. You will be sent a log-in password to enable you to access the Thesis Topic Database in Moodle. Please note that our academic staffs are not obliged to supervise you. A quick way to share your course templates or lecture notes is to publish them in the Overleaf gallery. If you are overseas and cannot meet before the start of the term, arrange a skype chat. Try out the Overleaf editor with built in tutorial If you’d like to dive straight into the editor, simply click the button to create a new paper using our quick-start template.

Simply click the button above to use Overleaf to create and edit your article – there’s nothing to install and no sign up required. Please follow the steps mentioned below which will guide you on how to enrol yourself into Moodle.

Industry agreement to publish results of the research is required, or an agreement to publish aggregated results that do not templlate specific mine sites or confidential information.


Students must follow reasonable directions of their supervisors and the Course Coordinator. For more information regarding online thesis writing ccse for honours students, please check this website. A quick way to share your course templates or lecture notes is to publish them in the Overleaf gallery.

Overleaf provides and intuitive and easy-to-use manuscript editor our rich text modewhich is especially useful if you or your co-authors aren’t familiar with writing in LaTeX.

Thesis A Report

Overleaf supports the packages listed here. I am an employed engineer. You are required to follow the process as stated there.

unsw cse thesis template

How do I find a topic? However, they must meet the requirements of advanced independent study. Can I do a project based on my work? Please see below a list of thesis topics advertised by academics for students commencing their thesis sessionsome of these topics were run last year so may not be available next year. As part of the Master of Biomedical Engineering program completing a thesis project is optional.

It is very important you begin looking for supervision well before the start of the selected term you wish to commence your Thesis to ensure you do not run into any complications.

unsw cse thesis template

Click here if you’d like to try the corresponding Tufte handout design on Overleaf. Supervisors have the right to void late registrations.

unsw cse thesis template

For most students, this is the most significant single piece of work in their university career, and should be an intellectually engaging and an enjoyable experience. Be aware that the number of candidate places available for some of these projects is quite limited.

The University has a legal obligation to provide a healthy and safe workplace for employees and students. See how to publish on Overleaf. You should sign up for the moodle module just before the semester in which you intend to enrol:.


A short tutorial will walk you through the main features to quickly get you started. The research course is also available for Graduate Diploma level students, and is essential for these students who are intending to articulate to the Masters level.

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View the academic journal templates. With permission from the School, and consistent with Program rules, this course can be extended as MINE with templatee more comprehensive research and thesis. Overleaf can also be linked to other services such as reference managers to best fit into your workflow. This version demonstrates the use of a progress bar under the frame titles. Projects will be allocated based on student preferences and supervisor loads.

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Overleaf also provides a set of teaching tools. This will include all relevant information that you need to apply for a Thesis. This is a basic journal article template which includes metadata fields for multiple authors, affiliations and keywords.

Please use our contact form and we’ll make sure your question gets to the right person in our team. Browse the database and select your three preferred project. This template uses metropolis v1. If you have any questions regarding your umsw, please make a post in the Moodle forum so that everyone can see the response from Tracie Barber.