You can create your own custom course materials with our sister division UTP Print and we can stock them on the bookstore shelves and have them available to print-on-demand in store. To avoid disappointment, please bring your book to us as soon as possible. Enter the ISBN number located in the front few pages of the book. If you wait the maximum number of books may have already been sold back. If you need money.

If you received a quote online then you should get to the book store ASAP. George Koffler Centre , Scarborough, and Mississauga. You are also free to choose anotherJan 31, Find links to the printing and copying services most commonly used by students. There is no defined maximum. When we’re finished, we’ll return your originals to you.

Please bring a valid U of T student card and your debit card.

Sell a Book

Thesis binding is a specialised business so you should be wary of faculty as it is anticipated that the university will soon move to a requirement for submission of For DE postgrads or for those who can;t get bookatore a bindery in person, the wholePrinting custom course materials and general copies for students, faculty, staff, bindimg and visitors of NC State University. We buy used textbooks year-round during our regular business hours at our main campus bookstore at St.

uoft bookstore thesis binding

Do You Need All Textbooks? You;ve finally finished yourSearch our BookPOD database of over 4 million titles and we;ll print, bind and trim a paperback book for you right now. What is a Textbook BuyBack Campaign?


They clear all copyright permissions, create the layout, print and bind either in store on Books-on-Demand or in their production facilityand can sell the packages in the textbook department and online at the UofT Bookstore. Also, the price we can pay is based on demand and is subject to change without notice. Since the number of books we”ll buy back changes daily we cannot guarantee that we will still need the book if you post it or courier it.

Create Course Materials on Demand – Save Students Money with One Course Pack

Duplicentre, Sidney Smith Hall. We must also renegotiate permissions that may have been granted to a professor all permissions must be granted directly to the Bookstore. Please read our Buyback FAQ for more information: UTP Print does all of the work at no cost to you and reasonable prices to students.

There is no defined maximum. bokstore

You can try again bookstode it changes daily. To avoid disappointment, please bring your book to us as soon as possible. The University of Toronto Libraries partnered with The University of Toronto Bookstore to print its non-copyrighted material from the libraries database. Books bought back for UofT Bookstores need to be in reasonable condition – the kind of condition that you wouldn”t mind paying for.

University of Toronto Bookstore

There is a limit to the number of books that we can buy back. Depends on the book and the need. Thank you for your understanding. What is the maximum number of a particular book that you take back? Please keep in mind that prices quoted on this website are “real-time” and buyback binidng may change at any time.


Directions to our location, BuyBack Hours, and any special buyback policies are listed below. Just enter the number in the search box above and you”ll get a quote.

uoft bookstore thesis binding

What is an ISBN? If you want to recycle the book. The other Canadian Campus Schools and US Wholesalers that we bookstorre buy back for are a little more picky – they need your book to be in good shape and include any ancillaries ie.

Yes we buy textbooks back. BookPOD’s database is organized so the University of Toronto Libraries results are listed higher than the others for cost effectiveness for students, staff, faculty bookztore the general public. The number of books we want changes daily and peaks right before a new semester starts.

uoft bookstore thesis binding

The books needed changes daily. With over 4 million titles in the online database, it is an environmentally friendly way to get you the books you want without wasting resources with books that don’t get sold. Go to the bookstore immediately to ensure your book is still needed. As this can take anywhere from one to eight weeks, so order early!

Absolutely, with a valid university student card.