All part-time students must successfully complete the 5. Have you reviewed the common course policy to ensure you have taken the appropriate number of substitute courses if your modules have more than 1. First-Year Program Students registering in general first-year programs must choose courses that fulfill the basic requirement of 5. These cases are detailed in the relevant module descriptions. Follow us on Twitter. A course attempt having a failing grade may be repeated only twice.

Check if you meet the module requirements take into account special permissions if any. Bring with you the work you have done on your own module and degree checks. BSc Science students in more than one module — complete applicable form and email it to scibmsac uwo. Breadth Requirements for Graduation At least 1. Students are required to meet the breadth requirements for bachelor degrees in order to widen their knowledge and understanding across a broader range of disciplines. Effective September 1, , as a result of the Undergraduate Reform, the requirement for graduation from the Bachelor Degree Four-Year is successful completion of

Breadth Requirements for First Year First-year students must include 1. Part-time students who have completed 1. Except for courses in Pathology and Epidemiology and Biostatistcs completed prior to Maythese courses may be used to meet the science breadth requirement of essy degree. Final deadline to submit a grad check.

A degree with a single Minor is not available. First-Year Program Students registering in general first-year programs must choose courses that fulfill the basic requirement of 5.

uwo breadth requirements essay

Home Graduation Graduation Requirements. Academic Handbook, Registration, Registration and Progression. This cumulative average will be calculated each year and will include all courses in the module that have been completed successfully.

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Where “course” appears, it refers to 1. A course that is dropped by the last date for adding a course will be removed from a student’s record. The majority of the courses in each module must be completed through Western University.

Rules relating to the number and type of courses that must be taken at Western to earn a Western degree and that, thereby, limit the number of courses that may be credited from another academic institution. Breadth Requirements At least 1. If you wish to ensure you are registered in the correct courses for the fall term.

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No more than Bring with you the work you have done on your own module and degree checks. A period of academic assessment by the Departments, Faculties, and Affiliated University Colleges concerned to determine a student’s eligibility for admission to, progression in, or graduation from requested degree and module choices.

The majority of courses specified for each module must also be completed through The University of Western Ontario or one of the Affiliated University Colleges. Extra modules which are taken within the degree but not essential for the degree, e.

A course that is dropped after the last day for adding a course but requjrements the final day for dropping a course will be recorded as WDN withdrawn and is not considered a course attempt. Satisfactory completion of 5.


uwo breadth requirements essay

Except with Special Permission, a student must not register for a full program of senior courses numbered – until the 5. Beyond this date you will need to wait for your adjudication results on student center.

Now that you have completed your module check, go to Step uso. Senior Course Requirements At least First Year Requirements Satisfactory completion of 5. Business Administration – Graduation Requirements To be eligible for graduation, fourth year students must meet the following requirements: If in doubt, students should seek appropriate counselling and consult directly with the department s concerned.

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BSc Science students in single Basic Medical Sciences major modules – complete the applicable form and email it to scibmsac uwo. A Minor may be combined with another Minor in a Bachelor Requkrements Three-Year or a Minor module may be taken as an additional module within each of the following degrees:. February in absentia Students applying to graduate in February: A course that must be successfully completed prior to registration for credit in the desired course.

Essay Course Requirements Satisfactory completion of at least 2. A first year course that is listed by a department offering a module as a requirement for admission to the module.

uwo breadth requirements essay