McFadyen, Kenneth Marshall Unique experiences of being gay and being a gay father. A short intervention delivered by student class facilitators can lead to wellbeing improvements, particularly for those with lower initial wellbeing scores. Young, Helena Experiences of mental health professionals: It was delivered over four weeks by the class facilitators. To gather feedback on the experience of being a class facilitator. Refaat, Malik A reaction time investigation of absolute pitch. Evans, Gaynor Mood manipulation and attentional processes:

It was delivered over four weeks by the class facilitators. Young, Helena Experiences of mental health professionals: Sakaguchi, Hiroaki Psychology of financial decisions, using large transaction datesets. Spencer, Michelle Kerry Examining the use of dynamic risk factors to predict high risk behaviours in people with schizophrenia. Glover, Louise Clinical psychologist Motivating and engaging people with anorexia nervosa, and establishing the ‘truth’.

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Woolston, Amy The development of empathy in childhood. Sweeney, Claire Children and their carers: Lereya, Suzet Family environment as precursor of peer victimisation and prospective peer victimisation pathways to self-harm. Srisupornkornkool, Kanokwan Effect of aging on the planning and execution dclinpsg sit-to-stand movement. Brown, Rose Family and disability: Peer-led training appeared to be as effective as CBT led training and suggests that peer wrwick may be an effective model to transfer skills to further year groups.


warwick dclinpsy thesis

Thabusom, Shazma Mental health and Asian women: Lawrence, Sharla The experience of parenthood in clinical psychology. Bonas, Sheila Ann Relational provisions from pets in the context of the thesiw Wyer, Sarah Jane Increasing attendance at cardiac rehabilitation. Thompson, Jennifer Clinical psychologist An exploration of dispositional mindfulness across the lifespan and mindfulness interventions for older people.

warwick dclinpsy thesis

Johnson, Charlotte The therapeutic value of dreams and nightmares. Kahlon, Sandeep Formulation in psychology: Bell, Sarah Personal and professional development in clinical psychology.

Achtypi, Eleni Essays in behavioural, economic, and cognitive sciences. Young, Helena Experiences of mental health professionals: Peters, Simone The alexithymia construct: Researcher in clinical psychology Service responses to survivors of sexual violence: Bailham, Dawn Bernadette Ruth Psychological trauma following childbirth.

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Churchley, Jenny Executive function and theory of mind: Daya, Aarti Dissociation and mental health. Johl, Dclinpsg Support needs and service provision for family carers from Black and minority ethnic communities within the United Kingdom. Semple, Leanne Living with dementia: Walwyn Martin, Melanie The development of self-criticism and the effects of self-compassion and mindfulness on the well-being of mothers.


Testing two models of delivering and maintaining life skills training in a secondary school setting. Sherr, Lorraine Psychological aspects of communication, anxiety and satisfaction in obstetrics. Ambrose, Carrie Considering men in distress: Refaat, Malik A reaction time investigation of absolute pitch. Bradley, Sally Engagement in assertive outreach: Boulton, Hayley The interaction between body posture and the performance of imagined arm movements.

Kumari, Nikala Exploring weight-related attitudes and experiences.

Sunny, Meera Mary Attention capture by multiple events using dynamic displays. Dore, Timothy Overcoming isolation: Mason, Paul Nicholas Identity and friendship: Morrell, Christopher Brain injury: Spurling, Imogen The negative symptoms of psychosis:

warwick dclinpsy thesis