If the primary keys are different, choose one of them to be the primary key and leave the other as an alternate key. As before, student should: In designing and implementing the system, the use of different software and languages should be used like php, Xampp, JavaScript, Dream Weaver and other related tools. This would depend on the available memory space. If yes, the student should implement the new requirements and also suggest further enhancements. If the number of staff for each branch was often required with branch details, a derived attribute could be placed in branch.

PropertyForRent on staffNo join: Format your response in a table. State any assumptions necessary to support your design. BusinessOwner on ownerNo k , q predicate: Staff are allocated to work in wards, as required. The SRS is produced at the highest stage of the analysis task.

You can also manually edit any patient details and issue bill wellmeadows to patient within few seconds. Any assumption should be documented along with each view.

Interactions between base tables and query transactions for the Branch view of DreamHome.

Wellmeadows Hospital ( Entity Relationship Diagram)

This is typically the largest and most important part of the document. This sub module is used to store information about patients who were admitted in the hospital on doctors advice.

wellmeadows hospital case study er diagram

As an attribute is associated with a particular entity or relationship, remove the attribute from the list. The final step Step 8 of physical database design is the ongoing process of monitoring and tuning the operational system to achieve maximum performance.


Assumptions may be made, for example, on the performance of transactions. From this specification, we identify nouns or noun phrases that are mentioned for example, staff number, staff name, property number, property address, rent, number of rooms. Skip to main content. Part 1 Topics and Ques As a result of analyzing the transactions, the design may be altered by incorporating controlled redundancy into it. User Characteristics This software is developed such that total appearance of the product to diagram it more user friendly.

The EasyDrive School weplmeadows Motoring case study Dellmeadows enables the case to keep the diagram in efficient and wellmeadows way.

The supplies used by each ward are sttudy. If feasible, produce a design for the two requirements and implement them in your target DBMS.

wellmeadows hospital case study er diagram

Throughout the process of design, the student should clearly state any assumptions necessary to support his or her design. This would remove the need to access and repeatedly count the relevant records in staff.

Again, we can use the grammar of the requirements specification to identify relationships. BusinessOwner on ownerNo kq predicate: In this way, we ensure that an attribute is associated diiagram only one entity or relationship type and, when the list is empty, bospital all attributes are associated with some entity or relationship type. Each ward is managed by a Charge Nurse.

wellmeadows hospital case study er diagram

The reasons of diagraam Xampp are: State any assumptions necessary to support your design. This module has following 2 sub modules. Again the student will have to investigate the functionality of the target DBMS to assess whether the new requirements can be made. Help Center Find new research papers in: Each ward is allocated staff including e.


You will earn an additional 10 point extra credit if you select the student defined case study option. The Charge Nurse stkdy each ward is responsible for creating a staff rota, which ensures that the correct complement of staff are on duty for each shift early, late, night.

Wellmeadows Hospital | Editable Entity Relationship Diagram Template on Creately

Your ER Model should use the one to many cawe Jan 22, at For example, we may have identified the two entities Client and Renter that are actually the same; in other words, Client is a synonym for Renter. Physical database design — to decide how the logical structure is to be physically implemented as relations in the target Database Management System DBMS.

This includes designing the access rules on the base relations. There are several strategies to consider when there exists a child occurrence referencing the parent occurrence that we are attempting to delete: