Siteng Kang, Computer Science and Mathematics, For these two particular standards, it would be interesting to see the efficiency of the carriage of HEVC with respect to the overhead. The repository is growing with each meeting, so if something you are interested is not yet there, it may appear shortly — but you should also not hesitate to request it. On the basis of the reported theories, algorithms, and experiments, this thesis has revealed the value of socially tagged images for content-based visual search, providing a basis for uncovering universal knowledge on images and semantics. Now with Sarnoff Corp. We are currently working on finalizing the registration site for the workshop and it will open very soon and will be announced on the MediaEval website.

He served as publicity co-chair for ICMR He has been involved in several national and international research projects, where he conducted research in various fields of video processing, video coding, computer vision and computer graphics and published more than referred papers in these fields. What are possible technological advances between now and the holodeck? Software Engineer, Google pzs at psu. Lin , Peking University, China R. Additional information of each award and recepient will be released in separate announcemrtns.

Finally, as users have their own associations with image semantics, we propose personalized image tagging by jointly exploiting personal tagging history and content-based analysis, optimized through Monte Carlo sampling Chapter 6. The fundamental question addressed in this thesis is: The CfP solicits responses that use compact signaling to facilitate reduced consumption from the encoding, decoding xiromg presentation of media content without any degradation in the Quality of Experience QoE.

The title of his thesis is “Content-based visual search learned from social media”. MPEG has taken a further step toward communicating information about its standards in an easy and user- friendly manner; thesi.


For answering complex visual searches, we introduce the notion of bi-concepts as a retrieval method for unlabeled images in which two concepts are co-occurring Chapter 5. Financial support, combined with low-cost organization within a university setting, made thesjs possible to maintain very low registration fees, in particular targeting students.

xirong li thesis

Matterhorn comes with tools for administrators that allow to plan and schedule upcoming lectures as well as monitor different processes across distributed Matterhorn nodes. For further information about MPEG, please contact: For Multimedia and Graphics conferences: The authors would like to thank the Opencast Community and the Opencast Matterhorn developers for their support and creativity as well as the continuous efforts to create tools that can be used across campuses and learning institutes worldwide.

In his scientific career he has co- authored more than 60 scientific publications, has served in multiple program committees and as reviewer of international conferences, journals, and magazines, and has organized several scientific thewis. I rather look forward to HDR.

Xirong Li receives SIGMM Best Ph.D. Thesis Award 2013

In particular, it combines standards providing representation formats for scene description i. The second edition will be held in Penang, Malaysia, Sep. Among the first acts of the new board was the call for bids for ACM Multimediaannounced xrong in this issue.

Luke Porupski, Computer Science, If you have difficulties thesiw access one of these documents, please feel free to contact me. The latest version, along with documentation, can be downloaded from the project website at Opencast Matterhorn.

Xirong Li receives SIGMM Best Ph.D. Thesis Award | Cees Snoek

As every year, the selection of tasks is made using a community-wide survey that gauges what multimedia researchers would find most interesting and useful. MPEG with multimedia will provide video clips containing overviews thessis individual standards along with explanations of the benefits that can be achieved by each standard, and will be available from the MPEG web site http: We hope to have SLAM organized as a satellite multimedia conferences in the near future and welcome bids for The event was organized with two sessions including a workshop and demonstrations.


Jeffery Cao, Computer Science, Additional information is available in [ 2 ]. On the basis of the reported theories, algorithms, and experiments, this thesis has revealed the value of socially tagged images for content-based visual search, providing a basis for uncovering universal knowledge on images and semantics. We put also a spotlight thesiss the ongoing season for MediaEval, the multimedia benchmarking initiative, and we include four PhD thesis summaries in this issue.

Edward Chen, Computer Science, The two algorithms are used to find high-quality positive examples for learning automated image taggers. Software Engineer, Google pzs at psu.

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The MPEG-DASH xiroong and reference software provides the ideal playground for researchers as it can be used both to generate and to consume bitstreams compliant to the standard. Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State, Finally content player components engage applications are provided which allow to synchronize different streams e.

xirong li thesis

The workshop session introduced the seven standards described above while the demonstration session showed 17 products based on these standards. The thdsis also provides reference software as open source with a business friendly license.

The picture below depicts the supported phases.

xirong li thesis

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