We encourage Zooters we call our visitors asZooters to share only food they like and love. Both of them have good experience in early stage technology startups. Your main aim should be to solve problems in market, fulfill the need of customers and make them happy, money will come automatically. Zootout is a chat-based mobile commerce platform with a simple vision to provide a one-stop solution to the users to get things done faster. What made you take a plunge into Entrepreneurship?

So, we also differentiate Zootout. MBA Marketing with 3 years of Experience. Can you tell us any lesson you learnt from the past experience that helped you when you started zootout? We therefore since very beginning are very clear on our direction few years down the line, i. In initial days, we faced a couple of issues. What is the future of Zootout.

Zootout is a chat-based mobile commerce platform with a simple vision to provide a one-stop solution to the users to get things done faster.

zootout business plan

Entrepreneurs should work with their employees as a team member, not as a boss. And we must say, we are getting quite positive response from website visitors. Sounds of Silence Facebook Id: In the deals and discount section, we will not sell any deals or coupons; we will only show the real businexs deals and discounts around the city to the consumers.


Sukrat is a serial entrepreneur.

zootout business plan

How many of you love our UI? In our previous avatar we all 3 founders learnt a lot. The learning experiences are coming from Marketing, Sales, Building a good team for Startup, Building a good product for customers what they actually need. It is a site with a difference. Zootout promises to be a one-stop-app. Tell us something about yourself? If you buwiness a kick ass idea or product then you can lead the world. We all have prior Startup experience, and are quite enthusiastic for the adventure- Entrepreneurship.

Would you like to autologin to the network? Management skills can come automatically in your blood busihess you land in a practical world. Information of this kind can be easily accessed on Zootout. What is the position of Zootout. You start asking people about the closest restaurant and even then you may have your own doubts.

What was the biggest challenge you faced along your journey? Further I even buiness Steve Jobs as a real innovative enterpreneur. Always listen the “Gyaan” from public, but never implement these things.

Discover the place where you’ll get your desired Dish. How many apps do you have on your mobile phone?

Zootout.Com Co-Founder Manish Vaswani, speaks about his entrepreneurial experience

What can we expect from Zootout in the future? The biggest turnaround was when I decided that instead of having a cosy life of being Salaried working professional, I’ll pursuing the most interesting adventure of corporate world, i. If you are a hard-core foodie, Zootout is something you will be bysiness to, for making your restaurant or eating decisions. Position of product- It is being tested in tier 2 city- Indore, right now and we are expanding in Pune by next month.


Calam̩o РZOOTOUT: A food guide that does serve its purpose

It is a platform which provides visitors our explored recommendation for there several day-to-day queries, which further helps them to choose the best option for them.

One awesome CWG experience. We at Zootout believe plqn Scanned Menus and Ambiguous Reviews act more to confuse visitors, rather than providing those useful solutions.

zootout business plan

Copyright – Management Paradise. We will launch all these services one by one. But fortunately, we’ve come up strong, and have got positive response from every angle. I have a graduate degree in Economics and a post graduate diploma Most of people claims that no.