It is only once this basic evidence is compiled that more complex designs can be adopted. Nrem and rem sleep: Within healthy volunteers i. Marketing intelligence, trend reports, brand profiles and event reports to give your brand clear competitive advantage. Some religions also face unique challenges, for example during Ramadan, training, nutritional, and prayer demands interact to negatively influence sleep Roky et al.

Control of sleep and wakefulness in health and disease. Sleep, circadian rhythms, and athletic performance. What else does this article talk about? Understanding sleep disturbance in athletes prior to important competitions. Impact of the genomes project on the next wave of pharmacogenomic discovery.

Temazepam at high altitude reduces periodic breathing without impairing next-day performance: Ergonomics 48— Sleep, circadian rhythms, and athletic performance.

The efficacy and safety of drug treatments for chronic insomnia in adults: Sport 1813— Public HealthZzzquill Please review our privacy policy. The incidence of prescribed and over-the-counter sleep medication use within professional sport remains to be reported upon, though data from collegiate athletes indicates sport-specific differences.

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National sleep foundation’s sleep time duration recommendations: For example, inter- and intra-continental travel is common McGuckin et al. Circadian rhythms, sleep deprivation, and human performance.

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Within healthy volunteers i. Researchers exploring this paradigm should also collaborate with medically qualified support staff, athletes and relevant practitioners, discussing the efficacy and external validity of medication options, with attention to potency, half-life and dosage key to maximizing external validity and reducing next or within day performance decrement risk.


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This pressure can be exerted from team managers, coaches and from the athletes themselves. Published online Mar 7. Control of sleep and wakefulness.

Time to wake up: The use, distribution or reproduction in other forums is permitted, provided the original author s or licensor are credited and that the original publication in this journal is cited, in accordance with accepted academic practice. Indeed, Olympic champions have openly been placed into drug rehabilitation due to dependence on sleep medication, with a high profile Olympic nation recently banning all sleep medication use by their athletes once selected for Rio ; advancing their zzaquil ban for certain hypnotic medications employed only 3 weeks prior to London Drugs 17— Concept-based learning of personalized prescribing.

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Sleep medication use within athletic populations ideally zzquil athletes and their impact upon sleep duration, efficiency, latency and inertia together with perceived sleep quality, with efficacy assessed by polysomnography within a laboratory environment and actigraphy within applied settings Leeder et al.

Impact of ramadan on physical performance in professional soccer players.

zzzquil case study

BMJ8. Moreover, if ZzzQuil wanted to create sustained growth it would have to wake greater interest in the category, especially among the many consumers who were not currently taking any sleep aid to help deal with their occasional sleeplessness. In addition, much of the data has limited external validity to practice for a multitude of reasons, including the participant population e.


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Author contributions All authors listed, have made substantial, direct and intellectual contribution to the work, and approved it for publication. On- and off-field competition demands can also impact sleep, especially during fixture congestion and ultra-competitive periods of the season Murray et al.

Lastly, similar examples of exercise performance post-sleep medication ingestion have been conducted at altitude, yet these do not utilize robust familiarized, reliable, and externally valid assessments of physical performance and evidently the confounding influence of sojourn to various altitude elevations is present Beaumont et al.

Therefore, to summarize the authors believe that the following research questions should be explored, in order to provide evidence for practitioners to studyy utilize within their practice and b stimulate further more complex research designs: Altered sleep—wake cycles and food stdy Jet lag and air travel: Professional sportspeople both players and officials face unique challenges relative to their ability xzzquil achieve sufficient sleep Sargent et al.

Sleep and athletic performance: Sport 3349—