I guess it is true that the biggest opponent you will ever face is yourself. Actually, it never felt like I really had a bleeding head at all. I could still recall my 3rd year self cursing the test items. Hmm…have you tried reading the other comments on here? Email required Address never made public. I am proud of the accomplishments I have achieved. I remember the interview exactly like it just happened a while ago:.

I usually order a research paper or English essay here and there. Reading opens up your mind and elevates your writing. This site uses cookies. These people are and were my classmates after all. The exact same thing I wrote about in my Ateneo Essay. That is what my experiences have taught me. How about make it original?

If you believe the achievements you got were helpful in your growth, I suppose you could mention it a little. This site uses cookies.

High school for me was also a stage of self-discovery. I tried everything that can be tried; I did all that can be done. Most importantly, never stop writing. You are commenting using your WordPress. Esay met strangers, friends, and enemies along my journey. I question the reality and existence of this realm we live in. Also, can you pinpoint exactly what Ateneo aceh looking for when one takes the test?


Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! I managed to land a fulfilling job abroad and achieve several other things along the way.

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You do not want the Committee to evaluate your qualification based on neatness. I make sure that I take a hold on each and every opportunity that meets me while taking down the road to success so as not to have regrets in the end. Staying with them, I was challenged to strive for more. It awoke me to excel academically, mature emotionally, and discover my identity as part of my family.

I’m not good with priorities.

My Ateneo Essay

Freedom is no longer my unattainable fantasy. But one thing is for sure though, I will be writing all about it for the world to read.

acet personal essay format

Ateneo Personal Essay send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. I want to be what I am meant to be. And I saw yours on the first line whatever and all I can say is that, wow!

I had the passion towards art, where they say I inherited from my father, who is very artistic. It was arguably one of the most popular clubs in school and to have been affiliated to it was like a dream come true to students like me. Dancing had actually shaped the confidence in me.


acet personal essay format

I remember being in the U. Things may be getting well personzl me there but eventually I had to transfer to Sto. It’s my first time to write an essay for a school application. Through this essay, I realized my purpose in this life. I excelled in our class. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

I appreciate little pleasures like Choc-nut and hot cocoa during rainy August afternoons. I am constantly in love. It’s what keeps me going. Apart from gaining the respect of my peers, I gained their trust also. Sometimes I worry about whether I’m doing essau right thing or not. All in all, the essay you want to make is the story of your growth.