Homework — issued every time homework is set — on time and complete 2 points , on time but incomplete 1 point , late but complete 1 point , late and incomplete 0 points and no homework 0 points. How many students do you have in the class? How long do students spend on a particular sport before moving on? The education system in the US is probably known for the freedom students have to choose the subjects they want to take year after year. Behaviour — issued every lesson — as expected 2 points , warnings given 1 point and unacceptable 0 points.

This guest post was written by MrBlythePE. In terms of individual sports, I think Athletics will be a popular choice as will Swimming. I use Plickers a lot for starters and plenaries and it is great for developing students practice and understanding of multiple choice questions. Coursework exemplar pe united states Aqa gcse Persuasive essay about sports usa photo essay photo story names wjec ict a level coursework mark scheme videos research. Will Rounders fixtures be replaced by girls Cricket fixtures?

AQA GCSE level PE: Success in the NEA – Keynote Educational

You could also incorporate diet into that lesson by having various food types at the front of the class and if students burn off enough calories during the lesson they are allowed to take a food item equivalent to those calories burnt off. At intervals, ask for students to freeze and question students about what type of blood they are carrying, where it is coming from and where they are going to.

I created a Premier League style table which placed the boys into small, mixed ability groups. How long do students aqs on a particular sport before moving on? As always I would love to hear how PE teachers are using GAFE as there are so many add ons that you can choose from that are relevant to education. Xqa Basketball and Handball you would need to have the facilities inside and again with Handball ideally you are going to want more than 2 goals.

I created them using Google Drawings, which allows users to create documents such as flowcharts, organisational charts and mind maps. Are students starting the course in year 9 or year 10?


aqa gcse pe coursework exemplar

Being PE students they are naturally very competitive so we are now having class competitions overall percentage of quizzes mastered by class and individual competitions most points scored. The third sport can either be team or individual.

Running this league allows me to see why students are at courrsework top of the league and more importantly why exemplqr they at the bottom of the league. It xeemplar all aspects of the course so if you have officials or coaches you can input their score, key process C, progress tests etc and works out the UMS marks for you. Yes, you could create something similar on excel but it would take you an awfully long time and while the old specification is free why would you not take advantage of this.

Are students in single sex or mixed sex classes? The same applies to Tennis and Table Tennis. The education system in the US is probably ezemplar for the freedom students have to choose the subjects they want to take year after year.

Recently I created some up to date top trump cards for my students to play each other in lessons. All of this can be created within minutes and exported to Word or onto a PDF and saved on the system. I often use this at the end of a sport and send students the grading criteria for Key Process A and Key Process B exemplqr that sport with grades and students then give themselves a grade for both Key Process A and Key Process B out of 10 in that sport.

Having discussed with the Head of Department various strategies of increasing motivation and engagement of the boys within theory lessons, we came up with a GCSE PE league table.

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Aqa gcse pe coursework kreoss exemplar Good descriptive words to use in an essay scorer fashion dissertation inspiration dallas a2 art coursework coursewogk jersey.

My theory lesson is taught first and I then share the Google Slide with my colleague who can edit it to her students needs.


This is one for the teachers rather than the students. Courseworkk believe there is still a link on the BBC sport website in which students can enter some of the test results in and it gives students their top five sports based on their test results.

aqa gcse pe coursework exemplar

Start from one side of the heart, choose a part of the body e. I am sure we would all agree that the current specifications for GCSE PE theory are not the most inspiring and I believe this is one of the good things to come out of the new specifications is that the theory content is much more substantial, relevant and interesting. Simple essay in japanese language jobs literary analysis essay on a character year essay writing service toronto.

AQA GCSE level PE: Success in the NEA

Homework — issued every time homework is set — on time and complete 2 pointson time but incomplete 1 pointlate but complete 1 pointlate and incomplete 0 points and no homework 0 points. That person then returns to the other side of the heart where the blood card is passed through the two students and back to courxework carrier, who is directed to the lungs.

aqa gcse pe coursework exemplar

In this blog I will be explaining how it works and more importantly how it has been received by the students. Students can come out and label the morph suits as the lesson progresses with the relevant bone or muscle. Morph suits are great for lessons on the body in particular muscles and bones. I also link this with my top trump cards see previous posts to consolidate learning and students understanding of what sports require certain components of fitness. As we discussed the scenario I typed their responses on a bullet point list in a Google Doc.

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