This has helped empower these local leaders. So how do developments in Indian states and Chinese provinces affect the actions of both countries on the world stage? Our photography Day Outs in Melukote. Yet Modi presides over 60 million Gujaratis. States within a State. Republican governors named Schwarzenegger, Pataki, and Romney actually signed state-level climate change laws passed by Democratic legislatures. He has decades of government, non-profit and academic experience.

A More Comprehensive Diplomacy pp. The result is that in both Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal, state governments are split between addressing the needs of the rural poor, and investing in the building blocks of a modern, urban economy. I make pots in the day and collect my salary of rupees. He has helped turn around what was once a nearly failed state. In Tehran, supporters of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini hold his poster aloft in a January demonstration against the shah.

Bo and Modi gained international reputations, which makes them the exception, since most outsiders tend to follow only those politicians based in Beijing and New Delhi. There was good reason for this, given that in the wake of British colonial rule, the capacity of local government officials was weak to non-existent. But steady work, access to water and housing make this an attractive place to live.

Kristen and the girls at a local school Kristen Suokko Traffic rules are incomprehensible.

Antholis, William [WorldCat Identities]

Rather than proceeding in a straight line toward economic development, both these states often vacillate between forward and backward motion. Nitish paved roads and invested in schools. The anhholis importance of Chinese provinces and Indian states presents a challenge to both the U. Yet for over three decades West Bengal was also synonymous with public mismanagement.


In the 7 hours I work before lunch, I make pots. Leaders in the forward states feel more confident about a more open global trading system.

bill antholis brookings essay

Ethics and Politics in the Age of Global Warming. The site also includes an uncorrected transcript of the proceedings, along with links to a working paper on the subject.

Listen to Strobe Talbott on His Life, the World, and Everything now.

China initially allowed coastal provinces to do anything possible to promote economic activity, especially attracting foreign investment and promoting exports. So brrookings the very notion of pluralism—i.

He is the author of Inside Out India and China: Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. Inviting mayors and governors into negotiating sessions will make those efforts far more complicated, but it will also increase the chances of eventual success.

Yet despite the emphasis on central authority, he is expected to unveil a new set of reforms intended to further unleash the dynamism of industry and entrepreneurship at a local level. Geography of H-1B Workers Visual 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide “Init took only ten weeks for employers to reach the United States’ cap on the H-1B visas they need to hire immigrant workers in speciality occupations.

The most celebrated leader of a backward state is Nitish Kumar, chief minister of Bihar, who has used his power to see to it that Bihar defies many of the expectations we have about such states. We eat in silence, savoring our food. And there is a serious enough investment in information technology and biotech businesses, particularly anthoois southern Tamil Nadu and neighboring Karnataka, to warrant efforts to obtain the highest level of intellectual property protection available.


Given the opacity built into the system, the more we know about what is happening in the provinces, the more we will understand the forces operating below the surface of the system.

Although they are home to major global cities and other urban corridors, they have about two rural dwellers for every city resident—quite close to the national average. I lift my garments. Essaj its worst, state-level and city-level leaders are taking India in a vast number of different directions. West Bengal epitomizes the challenge of being a swing state. A Family Vill through India and China pp.

bill antholis brookings essay

Our daughters summed it up well. They interviewed national and local political leaders, met with corporate executives, journalists, academics, diplomats, religious leaders, teachers, farmers, slum dwellers, and—not just inevitably but usefully—waiters and taxi drivers.

We are still working on the project today.

The silk road rediscovered: Eleven states, nine provinces, five months, one family. The views are solely those of the author. And one amazing adventure.

bill antholis brookings essay

Known universally by his first name, Nitish wears a simple white long-shirt kurta, and comes across as a secular monk-wonk in the religion of rural development.