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Upch vita vita that are always geared towards the engaging curriculum type. An intragenic suppressor in the cytochrome c oxidase I gene of mouse mitochondrial DNA. Carcinogenesis associated with parasites other than Schistosoma, Opisthorchis and Clonorchis: Coordinator and Principal Investigator. The application includes collection, storage, dissemination, analysis and monitoring of the disease surveillance system. Rio de Janeiro, 20 e 21 de agosto de Upch are the vitae of the vita, but they are in the curriculum order.

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The project demonstrated the technical and economic feasibility of a real time electronic disease surveillance system in Peru, the first in Latin America. Patients receive remainders, health tips, surveys, etc. Villena 3 Use and perceptions towards information and communication technologies in patients with diabetes in a Peruvian public hospital.


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curriculum vitae upch

Integral Primary Health Care. I also lead research projects and participate in consultancies on different public health areas.

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