Usually, four of you require 8 pieces of porata, a fried egg and a tiny bowl of vegetable for each. There is also a terrace to enjoy the ocean breeze and observe the landscaping vision of Bay of Bengal. If development of tourism in Cox’s Bazar is the main objective of the government, how could it then allow such construction spree to go on unchecked? Oceanic Scuba Dive Center, the only dive operation in Bangladesh. This page was last edited on 17 May , at When visiting Inani Beach, ensure you have camera along to capture the amazing sight of the sun setting over the sea. We were amused at the frequent change of color of the sea.

To go south from Chittagong, you have to cross the Karnaphuli river. Often excessive humidity, heavy rainfall, high temperature, and distinct seasonal variations are common here. He embarked upon the mammoth task of rehabilitating refugees in the area, and made significant progress. We took bath there and played beside the sea beach. There was a large patch of “Jhau” trees on the beach.

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Prices are in Taka and American dollars. We enjoyed the big waves splashing endlessly along the shore. In the forest area there are at least twenty kinds of important herbs like Curculigo recurvata, Eessay floribunda and Alpinia nigra are available which most valuable plant are for the biologist. Even cruising down Marine Drive with the mountain to one side and the sea on the other can get boring.


This is a nice place for having a picnic and for photo-shooting. The spot is ideal for picnic, shooting, relaxing and sunbathing. The climate of Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon-type, with a hot and rainy summer whereas a dry winter.

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They also have their photo taken with you. There are also more teknaf geological park. Additionally, all the hotels have restaurants with the same typical Bangladeshi offerings. It was really a wonderful experience of my life. The entire beach is considerably wide and flat with gentle slope towards the shore.

Cox’s Bazar

Inani Sssay Inani beach is famous for its golden sand. Inani Beach is my most favourite sea beach in Cox’s Bazar. Even 20 years ago Cox’s Bazar was relatively a small town.

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After reaching chittagong you should rent a Texi to go at Sea Beach. Sunset Point is a rocky peninsula on the northwest corner of the island. The amazing waterfall of Himchari is a very rare scene to clxs.

Magical beauty of Cox’s Bazar

Deacriptive haor, an important wetland area located in northeastern Bangladesh, and Marjat baor, a small but biologically significant oxbow lake. But destroying the landscape of the seashore with unauthorized structures is not the way to do that. InCox’s Bazar wharf was used as a naval port by the Pakistan Navy ‘s gunboats. Best place for capturing photos.

He also made significant progress in the rehabilitation of refugees in the area.


descriptive essay on coxs bazar

Tk 30 for 30 min sitting! Amazingly plentiful stars get on a moonless night, due to the lack of electricity on St Martine. Adjacent to Inani Beach, people can enjoy some of the best wine in the country and they can also enjoy some of the best authentic Italian, Chinese, Continental as well as Bangladeshi cuisines.

The annual average temperature in here remains at approximately highest Located on the west side of the island south of Shemana Pereye Resort.

Sea is the most natural beauty of the world. After finishing the breakfast, you will need two cups of tea for you and your spouse, and two cans of juice for your kids.

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Parts of the beach were littered with trash. In the Geological Survey of Pakistan initiated investigation of radioactive minerals like monazite around the Cox’s Bazar sea-beach area.

Generated by Flickr Album Maker. You can book your room by making a phone theme. In baxar next morning we went for a walk at the sea beach. In the hills on the coast is built the shrine of Adinath and by its side on the same hill is Buddhist Pagoda.