The First Red Century Issue His article, “The Truth of El Mozote”, caused widespread consternation, as it rekindled the debate regarding the United States’ role in Central America during the violence-torn s and s. She believes that the first half of her story was incoherent and that De Young mostly used the second half. After standing for hours, the women were sent to the house of a local merchant while the men were taken to the local Church of the Three Kings. He had been hearing a steady stream of gunshots since the day before and he went next door to check in on his mother.

Craig Whitney, then deputy foreign editor of the Times, edited the series. They then ordered the villagers to lock themselves in their houses until the next day and warned that anyone coming out would be shot. Why do I say that? Hoagland took the phone to talk with Guillermoprieto. In October, a judge ordered the El Mozote case reopened, calling for military and other records to be turned over and, eventually, for a public hearing to be held. A Reagan official wrote a letter to the Post stating that she had once worked for a communist newspaper in Mexico, which Guillermoprieto denied. But God sees everything.

Near the village was a small schoolhouse. The point [of El Mozote] was to create a turning point, a watershed, to turn the tide, and to do it by scaring the hell out of the enemy. Decades after the infamous massacre of El Mozote, the fight for accountability continues.

Remember El Mozote

Facing onto the square was a church and, behind it, a small building known as “the convent,” used by the priest to change into his vestments when he came to the village to celebrate Mass.

I flashed back so many years earlier, to when I had been in Vietnam and how patrols were ambushed at night. Juan Antonio Pereira watched as soldiers gunned down his wife and children. In October, a judge ordered the El Mozote case reopened, calling for military and other records to be turned over and, eventually, for a public hearing to be held.


The most damning evidence was exhumed in the sacristy.

el mozote massacre case study

Terror and hysteria filled the house where sl women and children were kept, as they watched groups of men march out into the woods, then disappear, followed by screaming and begging, then gunfire, and, finally, silence.

The Party We Need Issue Army’s School of the Americas[5] arrived at the remote village of El Mozote after a clash with guerrillas in the vicinity. The case against the officials was only made possible in after the Supreme Court struck down a amnesty law that prohibited the prosecution of crimes committed during the war, which ended with a peace accord in January The stories on the front page of the two most influential newspapers in the country upset and embarrassed the Reagan Administration.

Upon arrival, the soldiers found not only the residents of the village but also campesinos who had sought refuge from the surrounding area.

The next day, they forced the men, women and children to separate into three groups. Embassy disputed the reports, saying its own investigation had found In a prefatory remark, Danner wrote:. Guillermoprieto and Bonner were vindicated 11 years after the publication of their dispatches on the massacres.

The group’s independent investigation compiled dozens of testimonies and ordered exhumations of the area to create a timeline of the massacres and detail how they were carried out. She felt a kind of culture shock. But no other village suffered a slaughter as massive and as near complete as El Mozote.

El Mozote massacre

There is full proof that on December 11,in the village of El Mozote, units of the Atlacatl Battalion deliberately and systematically killed a group of more than men, women and children, constituting the entire civilian population that they had found there the previous day and had since been holding prisoner Ambassador Massare Hinton called Bonner an “advocate journalist”.


After standing for hours, the women were sent to the house of a local merchant while the men were massarce to the local Church of the Three Kings.

el mozote massacre case study

The townspeople had no such information. The other women began begging and resisting the caze. Rufina, who was still lying undiscovered between the pine and crab-apple trees, had four of her children in the house, including an eight-month-old daughter.

Along the way, the more than one-thousand-strong battalion killed seven men in a nearby village whose names matched a list of suspects while aircrafts bombed the hillsides around El Mozote.

Gathered outside a schoolhouse in which a number of the children were being kept, the soldiers had had an argument. The contact led them by car on January 3 rd to rl mountainous area near the border of El Salvador.

The Massacre of El Mozote: 36 Years of Struggles for Truth and Justice

Bonner, asked to string in those two countries, arrived in San Salvador just before Salvadoran National Guardsmen executed four American nuns near the airport in early December She left Newsweek in to write a book and then became a staff writer for the New Yorker.

On February 8, Elliott AbramsAssistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, told the committee that “it appears to be an incident that is at least being significantly misused, at the very best, by the guerrillas. Studg soldiers beat and interrogated the men and then led them blindfolded from the church in small groups. Casse the day of the massacre – December 12, – Pereira, 43 at the time, was at home in the Salvadoran village of Los Toriles masacre his wife.

The battalion wasted no time.