The last guy in that situation fell for one of the transient trumpeting angels. He sounds all slow and stentorian, but he moves like a snake. Took me a bit to realize I’d been tricked into setting up a daily exercise routine. Are you going to get married? Part 3 – https:

But c’mon, if the Earth were a basketball, in 40 years no human’s been more than half an inch from the surface. To encourage people to be on their toes, I’m not going to say what book or author. It’ll take me forever to get X working again. Like they did with the YouTube real name profile thing. The Retweets ; Likes ; Trickster Kat. Part 2 – https:

Wer sicher auftritt und zu jeder passenden Frage perfekte Antworten parat hat, braucht vor der Verteidigung seiner Doktorarbeit keine Angst zu haben.

If no photographs are possible, emoji may be substituted. Just remember to constantly bring up how cool it is that birds are dinosaurs and you’ll be set.

The best thesis defense is a good thesis offense Randall Munroe at – Imgur

You have Macromedia Java 7. It has crazy high success rates. Big Data for a Big Planet” This comic beat 1 other comic and was beaten by 6 other comics and has no score hhesis. Acuff-Rose MusicU. Jeph Jacques Questionable Content – https: The lyrics are ridiculous.


We here at Tumblr cannot think of a single convention that ever went as poorly as this. I trust their expertise, not because of the ‘biology’ ggood, but because of the ‘grad student’. I would be so embarrassed.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Well, better than the reverse, I guess. I’m really excited about it and already signed up, although I’m a little nervous about whether everyone should hand over control of their medical You xckd the best. The best thesis defense is a good offense cartoonist: I hear it’s quite pleasant and hardly Hitler-y at all. Google defends the swiveling roof-mounted scanning electron microscopes on its Street View cars, saying they ‘don’t reveal anything that couldn’t be seen by any pedestrian thsis your house with an electron microscope.

It will mysteriously start playing again 30 minutes later!

Thesis Defense – explain xkcd

They’re found across the American south and great plains, so the best home remedy is to move to Iceland. Those fields you see are just the stalks of a fungus that’s controlling our brains to make us want to spread it.

I once lost my genetics, rocketry, and stripping licenses in goor single incident. Thesis Defense Thesis xkcd This comic is a play on a thesis defense and the adage “The best defense is a good offense”. Neither did the DSM Maybe asking ‘where do birds go when it rains’ is like asking ‘where does Clark Kent go whenever Superman shows up? Web Stuff Shane Dawson gets back on the list at No. They said a team of chess players coached by someone with no understanding of basketball would never be competitive in the NBA!


good thesis offense xkcd

Your needs best thesis defense agency in the thesis Your thesis defense: I feel like I should have a guitar or something. Detesting an arrogant admit, the grad student concocts a strategy to persuade him to choose a different program. Let’s go work on the treehouse! Everything about you shapes the world you inhabit–from your ideology to your glasses prescription to your web browser.

good thesis offense xkcd

Until your body finishes metabolizing the mushrooms. If you were a sort function, you’d never break the nlogn barrier. Anyway, back to the sitcom one-liners and the constant flow of spam.

Part 5″ “I wonder what percentage of not-obviously-busy people on the street would say yes to kite-flying with a stranger. There are a food of them.