When I reached halfway through the book, I began to wonder if this book was banned at some point. I am not what you made me. She spews harsh criticisms on her native island’s truly dishonest and disappointing leadership as an extension of colonialism. Nothing escapes her ire; from the English masters who colonized the island to the fat and pasty tourists who visit for a chance to sample the “exotic” backwardness of island life and who cluck their tongues reprovingly at the corruption that is endemic to island governance. A Caribbean Journal of Criticism

A short book, rather an essay but every word hits the mark. This charged essay is clearly and concisely presents its case and shows how terrible colonialism is, and how after all these year I will always be grateful to Stephanie from the blog Literary Flits for sending me her copy of this as it’s a small book and she was done reading it! The descriptions of this book that I had read on Goodreads in no way described the acerbic bitterness of Kincaid as a writer. Some Perspectives on the Ordinary. Furthermore, the anger and name-calling gave her work a lack of overall credibility.

Nov 15, William rated it it was amazing.

A Small Place

Many Westerners find this a powerful piece, but according to many Antiguans, Kincaid is not the person to make th A Small Place is an attempt by a non-resident Antiguan to guilt-trip the reader smal not visiting Antigua or something like that. Please choose the access option you need: This was the beginning of slavery on the island.

jamaica kincaids essay a small place

Perhaps her heightened sense of unending injustice is more noble than mine, idk, too, as her agony is about the overall legacy of slavery rather than a subset like mine of child abuse or gender inequality. Antigua was not able to fully recover after the hurricanes. Jamaica Kincaid and a Methodology of Connection.

But independence can be granted, but it also needs to be founded and built again and those who responsible should contribute to this rebuilding, as she argues in this essay. I have no idea how Kincaid is perceived by Antiguans: Maybe she should shift the blame just a bit.


The book, written in four sections, “combines social and cultural critique with autobiography and a history of imperialism to offer a powerful portrait of post colonial Antigua.

Many Westerners find this a powerful piece, but according to many Antiguans, Kincaid is not the person to make these criticisms. She spends some time discussing the willingness of her own people to put up with whatever corrupt, incompetent leadership takes power and the low living standards created by the siphoning off of funds from the top, but it lacks the fire of many of the other sections targeted at the West and seems more like a token mention to deflect criticism that she’s too one sided.

Jamaica Kincaid has been away from Antigua for some years and is seeing it with new eyes when she returns, she describes the ugly, despicable tourist as someone we become when we leave home, how we are despised by locals everywhere. Return to Book Page.

jamaica kincaids essay a small place

Kincaid goes against the majority and the behavior that is expected of her, a common pattern, which she also demonstrates within her family: She forces readers to examine their choices by affectively writing in 2nd person perspective, compelling her readers to examine the ways in which they fit her stereotyping,and explaining how tourism, colonialism, and a corrupt government has impacted both her an Antigua as a whole, whether or not the citizens of Antigua realize it themselves.

In effect, the industry recolonizes Antigua by placing locals at a disenfranchised and subservient position in a global economic system that ultimately does not serve them.

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I used to own a copy until I was sitting in an airport one day and “befriended” a happy WASP family on their way home from a Carribean cruise. I will always be grateful to Stephanie from the blog Literary Flits for sending me her copy of this as it’s a small jamzica and she was done reading it! Please help improve this article by adding citations to lincaids sources. Not only did it immerse me in Antigua in the eyes of an Antiguan, but it also made me stop and think of my privilege as a tourist, as well as privilege in general.


Click the link to continue the review – http: I have no idea. That it wouldnt be allowed in court Every native everywhere lives a life of overwhelming and crushing banality and boredom and desperation and depression, and every deed, good and bad, is an jamaiva to forget this. Maybe it is possible to participate in tourism and still understand things about which she speaks.

A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid

I am also interested to see if one of her novels perhaps is more worthy of inclusion in an anthology of great books by women authors. They do not like you.

If you read essaj reviews of this book on Amazon. Not long after, it was settled by human rubbish from Europe, who used enslaved but noble and exalted human beings from Africa all masters of every stripe are rubbish, and all slaves of every stripe are noble and exalted; there can be no question about this to satisfy their desire for wealth and power, to feel better about their own miserable existence, so that they could be less lonely and less empty–a European disease Will African and Caribbean leaders ever put the citizens first?

She goes on and on about this library.

The anger is obviously there, but placee recounting personal memories and times, we get to hear wistfulness, hope in change and love for her country in there too. Refresh and try again. Her essay summed up in this quote: Kincaid’s tirade against mincaids Western powers which colonized and exploited small, Caribbean territories such as her homeland of Antigua and the corrupt, patronizing leaders who have dominated the political scene since the island nation achieved independence.