The video was filmed by a member of our class. There is nothing that I would change in this book not even a letter that I could change it is perfect. This book really kept my interest throughout the whole story. Mymoona from UK I love this book: I like reading Kensuke’s sentences.

So much high vocabulary. This is an awesome book. In a storm one night Michel and Stella the dog are washed off the boat in the cold, dark sea of the night. I would definitely recommend you read this book, and when you ll read it ,I believe you recommend this book to your friends,like me. Introduce your key stage 5 class to key media concepts, terminology and genres. I like the book because it is full of adventure.

Chapter by chapter questions and activities. Thus begins a deeply moving bond between the characters.

It’s full of action and problems which makes any book interesting. I loved idess book and I think all the people that say its boring need to have a re-think. This book is honestly the best and my favourite character is Kensuke.

Annalise from Ireland Kensuke’s Kingdom is a brilliant book. Christmas speaking and listening ideas Bring Christmas cheer to your classroom with these resources.

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In every chapter it would leave you in suspense. His family decides that they should go on a sailing trip around the world.


I’d like to know if kinhdom true or not, as at the end of the book it refers to a letter from supposedly Kensuke’s son. Today the children have debated whether Michael should leave or remain on the island.

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Morpurgo here spins a yarn which gently captures the adventurous elements one would expect from a desert-island tale, but the real strength lies in the homewlrk and subtle observations of friendship, trust and, ultimately, humanity. I love reading this book. I hope they read this book in our class soon we are currently reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

Teachit Talk – Consolidation and revision Consolidation activities give your students the chance to show off the fruits of their — sorry, your — labour, and can be very satisfying. Niamh from UK We have just finished reading this book in class.

kensukes kingdom homework ideas

It has a very heart warming end not leaving you agitated but relaxed. Shakespeare as part of our hojework capital’ This is the second of four Teachit e-newsletters written by Francis Gilbert English teacher, writer, commentator and journalist in….

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Your search has returned site pages. Kensuke’s Kingdom is based around the time of the ‘s. The Tempest pack Created for the KS3 curriculumthis thorough and detailed teaching pack focuses on key scenes, themes, characters and language with a mix of analytical and drama focused activities. Kensuke’s Kingdom is a brilliant book. Maja Szul from England This ,ensukes an amazing emotional roller coaster.


Kensukez love this book because the boy has a choice, but a very hard one because he has to chose between his loving family and his special friend.

Anna from UK I absolutely love this book! To keep your students motivated on the exam stretch, try out some of our tried and tested revision games, guides and practice papers.

kensukes kingdom homework ideas

I would have prefered it if it had a few more illustrations in it. I liked the book Yes I would recommend this book to my friend By Ashley kanzara. The ending left me devestated but I absolutely loved it.

kensukes kingdom homework ideas

I purchased this book for my 13 year old grandson and decided to read it first. From about 9 years old and up. I read it at school and I love it so much. Gianni from England I think this is my favourite book. Avery from Canada My teacher finished reading this book with this and our class doesnt really read books hoework so it blew us away. Hats off to Mr.