Antecedents of Turnover Intentions: Wages and conditions The research conducted on the link between dissatisfaction with pay and voluntary turnover appears to be inconclusive. I have received anonymous letters. Therefore it is vital for management to provide good working condition as well as reviewing the incentive schemes, rising good hope for growth and advancement, and expanded training and development opportunities to reduce employee turnover. It would be difficult to name a more slovenly, a more worthless edition of any great classic. The authors suggest that their research illustrates the importance for managers of understanding avoidability i. While effective retention strategies are part of the solution

In , a meta-analysis of some turnover studies was conducted by Hom and Griffeth, which was recently updated Griffeth et al, Exit interviews and surveys Organisations typically obtain qualitative information on turnover through exit interviews and surveys. They concluded that there were no differences between the quit rates of men and women. Wastage rates can also be applied to employees with a certain length of service eg less than one year which can help pinpoint ineffective recruitment, selection or induction processes IDS, One of the main findings of this study is that voluntary turnover is high among employees who value money high money ethic endorsement , regardless of their intrinsic job satisfaction. Management has to realise that poor performance is part of their concerns because they are equipped with a lots of strategies to alleviate employee turnover to realise entire organizational performance. Literature review on labour turnover and retention strategies Method MINTRAC commissioned acirrt to undertake a literature review examining the causes of high labour

A single measure of turnover that does not distinguish between cases where people left because they were dissatisfied and where people left because of ill health or retirement will be inadequate because it aand leavers as a homogeneous group Morrell et al, In particular, nurses with greater experience were more satisfied with their pay and were less likely to leave, which was the anticipated effect of the salary supplements.

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These include organisational commitment, job satisfaction, alternative opportunities and intentions to quit. There is a need to conduct mathematical computation because most of the work is done theoretically. Two types of salary supplements were introduced — bonuses to intensive care nurses only and a 5 per cent salary differential for all staff nurses — to reduce turnover.


However, one particular practice — muntrac work groups — appeared to be associated with lower quit rates in manufacturing. Current trends in employee retention strategies, International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering: The contribution of individual variables: Background of the Study Organization turnover is a challenge of all organizations today, be public or private due to negative consequences reviiew face Shamsuzzoha and Shumon, Alternatively, survival curves represent the number of people who stay against length of service, turnlver a measure of retention instead of turnover.

literature review on labour turnover and retention strategies

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literature review on labour turnover and retention strategies mintrac

Key drivers to attract and retain talent employees in India are such as strong trust, caring, fairness, and respect within the organization, transparent and accessible leaders, competitive rewards, open, transparent, management with respect to guiding principles, training and development programs and structured career planning process commented by Chhabra while studying current trends in employee retention strategies.

Nwokocha and Iheriohanma in Nigeria argued that to minimize the rate of employee turnover and catch up with the current demands of global economic needs and organizational performance, organizational should adopt critical sustainable retention trends rreview as establishing a strategic plan, involving employees in decision-making process, initiating personalized compensation plan, installing mechanisms for career planning, training and development and building flexible work programs especially for critical knowledge – employees.

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Overall figures tend to mask potentially significant differences in turnover within an organisation IDS, Exit interviews and surveys Organisations typically obtain qualitative information on turnover through exit interviews and surveys. Apart from the practical difficulty in conducting turnover research among people who have left an organisation, some researchers suggest that there is a strong link between intentions to quit and actual turnover.


Further investigation of turnover in the meat processing industry could include an examination of turnover data to establish whether turnover is uniformly high across the industry or whether there are differences between establishments in the same local labour market.

Determinants of Employee Turnover Researchers have tried to determine why people have intention to quit.

Literature review on labour turnover and retention strategies mintrac –

In advocating issues that can improve productivity to revies, Lipman come out with the follows management practices: The Case of Presidential Trust Fund. Management Practices Management practices are set of factors practice by managers in their daily routine Sujeewa Browse Retention and Turnover content The objective of geview literature review study is to analyze Lynchconcluded that both on-the-job and off-the-job training have a significant effect on job mobility.

This was found to be stronger for those highly committed to their careers. Your query will be resolved within 10 working hours. Migrants from the main English- speaking countries had gurnover separation rates than other migrants, who presumably had a greater need to improve their English language competency, and to accumulate work experience with a single employer.

literature review on labour turnover and retention strategies mintrac

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Effects of employee turnover on productivity. This study was based on a review of the literature of turnover and related issues.