In addition, with the increasing number of wealthy tourists from China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand, this segment will continue to grow fast. The advertisements displayed on these billboards will act as teasers, hinting at the launch of a new product by Louis Vuitton, with the intention of building hype leading up to Fashion Week. This product placement occurs in the last 10 episodes so that the product is top of mind and relevant to the launch of the makeup line at Fashion Week in that year. With words of mouth, Louis Vuitton has become the best French product brand seller in the past decades even though there has been a very rare change in design of the LV products. The LV boxes are not like any other brand that mostly come with the heavy size but easily rotten during delivery.

Unlike other luxury brands, Louis Vuitton deploys a marketing strategy which controls its product to make it appear to be premium quality but attainable. Louis vuitton focuses on csr with arts drive. Since onwards, the LV boxes with the monogram design has been showcasing its special quality that no other brand can provide. Pricing is the round number only. Include promotional videos featuring pop star.

More importantly, by using its own channels that can be controlled, it allows LV to prevent counterfeit products entering its distribution channels. Hence, it should do more placement advertising in the future.

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Pricing is the round number only. The brand can use social media to associate itself with exotic destinations: Kamel Ouadi, global digital director at Louis Vuitton, Paris.

The product was introduced in the red and beige crossed design. Additionally the page will include pictures featuring slidesharf makeup and press releases of celebrities wearing the new makeup line. As LV is perceived to have absolute quality, we ascertain there is a potential market that LV can tap on.

LVMH group presentation

Help Center Find new research papers in: Incorporate life style and culture into current Facebook page. Besides, some products of Louis Vuitton are named after a city name like Soho, Broadway The Identity of Louis Vuitton The numbers of the products made will be the same as the products are sold and the production will be suspended when the sale revenues reach the target set.


At present, Louis Vuitton has over hundreds of boutique shops selling its own brand slideahare at major cities throughout the world. Lluis vuitton japan – review.

Before that they used cow leather to cover the luggage and wooded boxes.

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Later the fashion of LV has spread to people in entertainment industry from Europe across Hollywood. All these elements drive up the brand cachet and make Louis Vuitton the well known luxury brand of the earth. The LV boxes are not like any other brand that mostly come with the heavy size but easily rotten during delivery.

To coincide with LV new product announcement we plan to giveaway 10, high quality 6×9 booklets containing full page photos of the new makeup line. It was the first time that the copy right of the design was registered in the world.

lvmh case study slideshare

The more the LV boutique shops are open, the more sale revenues increase. However, comparing to the status seeker and self- indulger, a lower percentage is given because this group of consumers believe that LV products can last a long period, hence they do not purchase them often.

These LV shops are well-known among super stars, celebrities and wealthy people who spend a summer holiday there. Rather than eradicate the time consuming hand-crafting procedures of the manufacturing process, it is crucial to keep some of the traditional aspects that the brand is known for. The body is the LV product, and even the store.

Recently the companies have sold some brands out. Skip to main content. Nowadays, many people use LV products to show their taste, fashion and social class status unlike 2 decades ago that Louis Vuitton represented the experienced travelers. From Venice to Istanbul….


Similarly to the status seekers, customers from this group are willing to pay a premium for products that express their styles as they enjoy the way the brand make them feel. If Louis Vuitton named its products by running the numbers, its product probably look simple and lifeless like any other brand.

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However, it is a natural and strategic move for the brand and will allow Louis Vuitton to maintain a competitive edge in the luxury industry while capturing market and wallet share from competitors. The company will sell its products to only official agents that has a central management shop in the area of the world which is the boutique shop at major cities by using the scale 1 shop per the population of 1 and there is a limitation to have the same product designs for pieces only.

From Calais to the United Kingdom and across Atlantic to New York… This made the luggage by Louis Vuitton become chick and luxurious accessories that scion of royal houses and high-class people in Europe became aware and looked for LV boxes for use. She used over 10 different sizes of LV luggage to contain her clothes and belongings which look the most fashionable in that era. Its print campaign also supports our brand strategy, by welcoming consumers to LV The Story — to become fully immersed in L.

To capitalize on this strong online presence, the visuals, videos and advertisements for the cosmetic line will be featured across all online channels.