Continuum shell model and nuclear physics at the edge of stability: Simos Brookhaven National Laboratory ,, Two-neutron transfer reaction mechanisms in 12 C 6 He, 4 He 14 C using a realistic three-body 6 He model: Active targets for the study of nuclei far from stability: Symmetry energy dependence of long-timescale isospin transport: Interplay between sequential and prompt two-proton decay from the first excited state of 16 Ne: Toggle Search and Navigation Menu.

Prediction and suppression of two-point 1st order multipacting: High-resolution study of Gamow-Teller excitations in the 42 Ca 3 He,t 42 Sc reaction and the observation of a “low-energy super-Gamow-Teller state”: Exploring the asymmetry dependence of the nuclear caloric curve and the liquid-gas phase transition: Unbound States in the Lightest Island of Inversion: Constraints on nucleon effective mass splitting with heavy ion collisions: Measurement of longitudinal spin asymmetries for weak boson production in polarized proton-proton collisions at RHIC: Constraints on Skyrme equations of state from properties of doubly magic nuclei and ab initio calculations of low-density neutron matter:

msu nscl thesis

Three-nucleon forces and spectroscopy of neutron-rich calcium isotopes: Ab initio multireference in-medium similarity renormalization group calculations of even calcium and theiss isotopes: Accounting for backflow in hydrodynamic-Boltzmann interfaces: Cohen, and Jonathan S. Elastic breakup cross sections of well-bound nucleons: Excitation energies in neutron-rich rare isotopes as indicators of changing shell structure: Louis Filomena Nunes, Effects of nonlocal potentials on p,d transfer reactions: Jun Hong and P.


Charge radii of neutron-deficient 36 K and 37 K: Linear envelope model for multicharge state linac: Nuclear charge radius measurements by laser spectroscopy in singly charged ions Workshop on application of highly charged ions, Michigan State University Thesix.

Population distribution subsequent to charge exchange of A comprehensive simulation study of a liquid Xe detector for contraband thrsis Characteristic scales and level densities: Isotopic trends in capture reactions with radioactive and stable potassium beams: Competition between Coulomb and symmetry potential in semi-peripheral heavy ion collisions: Spectroscopy of narrow, high-lying, low-spin states in 20 Ne: Observation of charge asymmetry dependence of pion elliptic flow and the possible chiral magnetic wave in heavy-ion collisions: Magnetism of an Excited Self-Conjugate Nucleus: Scattering effects in passive foil focusing of ion beams: Lessons learned from the cool down of a superconducting magnet using a thermal-siphon cooling-loop Advances in Cryogenic Engineering: First characterization of sd-shell nuclei with a multiconfiguration approach: Evolution of Collectivity in 72 Kr: Non-exponential and oscillatory decays in quantum mechanics: Horoi, American Institute of Physics p.


msu nscl thesis

Neutron single-particle strength in silicon isotopes: Brown, and Dany Page. Neutron spectroscopic factors of 55 Ni hole-states from p,d transfer reactions: Selective population of unbound states in 10 Li: Shell structure of potassium isotopes deduced from their magnetic moments: Design and fabrication of the superconducting horizontal bend magnet for the super high momentum spectrometer at Jefferson Lab: Statistical uncertainties of a chiral interaction at next-to-next-to leading order: Gamow-Teller transition strengths from 56 Fe extracted from the 56 Fe t, 3 He reaction: First charge breeding of a rare-isotope beam with the electron-beam ion trap of the ReA post-accelerator at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory: Direct and indirect measurements of the density and temperature dependence of E sym: Covariance analysis of symmetry energy observables from heavy ion collision:

msu nscl thesis