The department actively pursues research and development especially in applied areas with emphasis on collaborative effort. Dash, Sivasis and Anupam, Antariksh Improvement of thermal conductivity of water by addition of iron powder. Purniya, Deepankar and Pradhan, Gigyanshu and Nayak, Amit Robotic navigation in the presence of static and dynamic obstacles. Influence of Masonry Mechanical Properties. Sharathdhruthi, Boga Free vibration analysis of multiple cracked uniform and stepped beams using finite element analysis.

Mishra, Hitesh Study of Application of L. Mukundrao, Khade Shankar Development of and characterization of gelatin-poly ethylene glycol composite hydrogels and gelatin-polysaccharide physical hydrogels. Nayak, Deepak and Mahapatra, Himansu Shekhar and Kumar, Navin An attempt at optimizing the flow characteristics of blast furnace slag by investigation with synthetic slag prepared in the laboratory using pure oxides. Das, L Phase evolution behaviour of dolomite-alumina system. Pavani, M Application of functional networks in geotechnical engineering. Swain, Litun Interaction between ionic liquid and lysozyme:

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Tripathy, Anshuman Machine loading in a flexible manufacturing system. Jain, S Red mud as a construction material by using bioremediation.

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Mohanty, Toshali Design of a hybrid electric vehicle. Agarwal, N Publish – subscribe based communication model. RamyatanujaA Design of a spectrum analyser.

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Pradhan, Rosy Algorithm for online estimation of power system parameters. Jyothi, Kondala Rao Efficient adaptive strategies over distributed networks. Pradhan, Prachiprava Synthesis of modified zeolite and its photocatalytic activity towards dye degradation.


Swain, Abhishek and Nayak, Somya Geotechnical properties of fiber reinforced pond ash. Patel, Snehash Earthquake resistant design of low-rise open ground storey framed building. Faculty Office Staff Technical Staff. Nanda, Sonali optimization of sericin removal from tusser silk by autoclaving. Kumar, Anshuman Modelling of micro wire electro discharge machining in aerospace material. Chandole, Pranayajoshi Mechanical and tribological behaviour of coconut shell char reinforced polymer cosmposite.

Gouda, Laxmi Priya Study on parametric behaviour bit single cell box girder under different radius of curvature. Panigrahi, Bibhu Prasad and Pradhan, Abhijit Modern methods nig power system harmonics estimation. Chanap, Rahul Study of Mechanical and Flexural properties of coconut shell ash reinforced minkng composites. Das, Pratik Decision-making scenario towards Supply chain performance assessment in Fuzzy Context.

SialSambit Kumar Study of safety at public places and roads.

L, Mallesh Viterbi algorithm in continuous-phase frequency shift keying. Purohit, Siddharth Non-motorized vehicle characteristics and its effect on mixed traffic. Ekka, Sushmita Automatic load frequency control of multi area power systems.


Niranjan, S and ShrivasA To model breakdown thseis using artificial neural networks of solid insulating materials.

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YAG laser, optimizing the tensile strength. PriyadarsiniPriyanka and AdityaJami Application of ethernet over powerline communication.

nit rourkela mining thesis

Gupta, Uday Kumar Design of novel peptides to assess the inhibitory effect of Hsp90 alpha: Tirkey, Sanjeeb Kumar Three dimensional analysis of lateral extrusion of some complex forms. Rao, Govardhana Vibration Analysis of Beams.

Nanda, Sourav Techno-economic analysis of bioethanol production from lignocellulosic residues: Shanker, Bijai Assessment of spontaneous heating liability of some Indian coals using experimental techniques. Behera, Soumya Ranjan and V. Karmakar, Arunava Biometric identification and verification based on time-frequency analysis of phonocardiogram tourkela. MGeorge Lenin Development of iron-iron carbide composite by planetary milling and conventional sintering.

Dung, S D Assessment of the suitability of coconut shell charcoal as filler in stone matrix asphalt. Shambharkar, Rakesh Vibration analysis of hit rotating cylindrical shell.