The other possibility is that a tanker’s hull fails for some reason, probably from running aground because of weather. A requisite model would have to incorporate a trade-off between long-term returns and volatility. By law, lenders in the United States now must clearly state the actual annual percentage rate in the loan contract. In general, decision analysis consists of a framework and a tool kit for dealing with difficult decisions. Typically, if we want to increase our chances at a better outcome, we must accept a simultaneous risk of loss.

Much of this book will focus on decomposing problems to understand their structures and measure uncertainty and value; indeed, decomposition is the key to decision analysis. We found that uncertain future events must be dovetailed with the sequence of decisions, showing exactly what is known before each decision is made and what uncertainties still remain. Over the past hour, Sandy Wilton and Marty Kelso had argued about exactly what level of resources should be committed to planning for a major oil spill in the company’s main shipping terminal bay. Certainly one objective is to harvest the fruit successfully. For example, you might want to calculate NPV over three years, using a particular interest rate. Is the situation dynamic that is, are there sequential decisions?

However, this is not the case. In addition, research in the area of creativity has led to a number of techniques that can improve the chance of finding new alternatives. Why Are Decisions Hard? The book’s endsheets show where the various programs, features, and analytical techniques are covered.

Bell, Raiffa, and Tversky provide many readings on these topics. The second section is “Modeling Uncertainty. kuniahg

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Furthermore, you know, he isn’t always right. Please send information about hopefully the few mistakes stuy typos that you may find in the book, innovative ways to teach decision analysis, new case studies, or interesting applications of decision analysis. For example, in the gypsy moth case, is the decision which insecticide to use to control the insects, or is it how to mollify a vocal and ecologically minded minority?


Virtually all managers now have personal computers on their desks with the ability to run these sophisticated spreadsheet programs, which suggests that kunisng managers would be well advised to become proficient in the use of this flexible tool.

The scenario is essentially about uncertain events. In our graphical scheme, we must think about the consequence at the kuinang of the time line after all decisions are made and all uncertain events are resolved. These models are mathematical and graphical in nature, allowing one to find insights that may not be apparent on the surface.

Although we usually do not have trouble finding decisions to make or problems to solve, we do sometimes have trouble identifying the exact problem, studdy thus we sometimes treat the wrong problem. A sthdy decision is one that is made on the basis of a thorough understanding of the problem and careful thought regarding the important issues.

Or is it at the end of the war? This book is divided into three main sections.

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This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. As indicated, the fundamental trade-off is whether to save money by committing fewer resources or to provide better protection against future possible accidents. If they did, then there would be no need for decision analysis; why spend a lot of time studying decision analysis if it suggests that you do what you already do?


The farmer may want to earn a profit because it will provide the means to sudy food for the family or to take a trip.

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From Chris Brown’s point of view, an important issue might be how long the cleanup equipment sits idle, requiring periodic maintenance, until an accident occurs. Likewise, Chapter 15 delves into the additive utility function for decision making. This hard decision requires sx thinking. Different strategies for acquiring and maintaining equipment may have different streams of cash flows.

These two approaches have different advantages for modeling difficult decisions. Start by pressing the button below! What-if, optimization, sensitivity and goal seeking.

ss kuniang case study

If we did not care about anything, there would not be a reason to make decisions at all, because we would not care how things turned out. Training, interviewing, de-briefing, war stories, COP.

ss kuniang case study

In other words, just how much is insurance against damage worth to Larkin Oil? If the decision is to go ahead, the next decision might be whether to produce it or subcontract the production. Of course, some topics are more demanding than others. Would she try to stick with the original plans? This is only a rough picture, intended to capture the elements discussed here, a first step toward the development of a requisite decision model.