As a result there is inventory pile up at workstations with high cycle time. Sun Wind should ask it supplier to reduce this lead time as it is planning to go for JIT. The batch size if we see for different operations varies from to , such a huge amount of batch size might lead to having no control over the quality issues i. Quality control processes in manufacturing were lax. There is a quality issue also being faced hence they a need a new strategy which can address all these issues in a very efficient way. Every 4 weeks Volvo send an order form indication the requirement over a 60 week planning horizon. You can change your cookie settings at any time but parts of our site will not function correctly without them.

Provides detail of distances and demand quantity based on forecast flow. Operation 4 with zero set up time still remains the bottle neck time and hence the cycle time. Show few sample calculations. Hence a JIT will shorten the Manufacturing lead time thereby reducing the inventory level and lumpy requirements on different workstations. Key elements for JIT implementation in Sunwind: My account New to The Case Centre?

sunwind ab case study

The benefits of a successful JIT can only be realized if your inventory levels are low. Present Situation Proposed Capacity Planning and line balancing to meet new requirement In this changed line balancing the bottleneck operation is Operation 6 with a cycle time of 2.

The lid comprised of 4 separate items — front panel, rear panel, left panel and the right panel. sunwin

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How does this information help to design production and delivery? Considering suppliers as partners in venture can build long term profitable relationship wherein there is a win-win situation for everyone. He also stufy in designing ideas to help reducing cost and improve manufacturing processes and managing production schedules for suppliers, materials contractors and other subcontractors.


Processes were not monitored formally. Ans The distance plays a major role when it comes to Kalmar and Ghent plants as for us to make a JIT delivery of 4 times a day, the transportation including all logistics plays the deciding factor.

Sunwind ordered transportation and empty containers as required. My account New to The Case Centre? Every 4 weeks Volvo send an order form indication the requirement over a 60 week suwind horizon.

PJPK M15 a dan b. How would you interpret the capacity calculations?

Capacity planning and line balancing can be used to meet the changed requirement of Volvo plant. Right now they are not following the JIT method while Volvo has gone for it, In that case to meet the Volvo demands it might have to put a huge pile of raw materials instead if it makes itself a JIT system it could save itself from one of the competitors.

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sunwind ab case study

Improved coordination between Sunwind and Volvo would reduce non-value added activities and ensure a better working environment. Continuous communication between supplier and vendor enables updation of records eunwind both ends and real time flow of information. Published on Feb View 39 Download 5.

Conformance to quality controls can be implemented more easily. This will help identify defects immediately and strengthen quality control measures and help achieve higher efficiency. Product details Share this page: By continuing to use our site you consent to the use of cookies as described in our privacy policy unless you have disabled them. For the other part of the question whether they need to change the strategy of the Sunwind or not, yes they have to change indeed to so as to protect themselves from Volvo by meeting their demand needs.


Sunwind Ab Case

It also provides the best organizational atudy needed to improve the supplier coordination by integrating the logistics, production and purchasing processes together. What is the Manufacturing Lead time? This will also encourage the suppliers to get themselves placed in and around the Sunwood plant so as to deliver the raw materials on time. Carpeting the purchasing department uses a months planning horizon.

sunwind ab case study

Flores de A a B. Both are major causes sujwind concern, even more so given the competitor already supplying just-in-time to the Ghent plant. Knowledge of the production schedules of Volvo in advance will enable Sunwind to request transport and containers atudy advance so that they arrive just in time for loading.

The benefits of implementing JIT for Sunwind would be: We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Relativelyfew of the quality control procedures were followed in practice.

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Procedures are not monitored formally and there is a tendency to rely on workers’ ability to recognize and react to glaring faults. For both the plants if we see there is no feasibility to do the JIT supply 4 times a day as the distance is so large that the transportation becomes a problem and even though if pains are taken and the things are meeting the deadline, the efficiency decreases as this will in no way an add on for the current existing process in terms of the ROI Return on Investment.

Quality control processes in manufacturing were lax.