Conveniences Clemon is available at local grocery stores, fast food shops and super markets to ensure customers convenience 4. For drinking at home they either boil and domestically filter the WASA-supplied water or buy from Water-jar suppliers. Similar Documents Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Essay words – 20 pages satisfying the needs and aspirations of its customers, employees, shareholders and the wider community, the company is able to maintain its position of strength as a sustainable cement provider without compromising commitment to long term stability and environmental responsibility. As a result, there is no thermal energy loss and more importantly, no pollution. It is now going to be involved in Conversion, Cylinder retesting, automobile servicing and various gas related activities. The level of computerization of the machines on the factory floor also means that their performance can be monitored from the laboratory.

They may use their own transport or else the company has arrangement for transporting the goods. Gonj has a well-organized management of finished goods. It is also the 3rd highest VAT payer of the country since last several years. Advertisements, billboards, banners, festoons, roman banners, back drops, shop signs etc, are developed with such state of art that projects the concept of the fun and enjoyment residing. It is often used in collaboration with other analytical business tools like the SWOT analysis to give a clear understanding of a situation and related internal and external factors.

The Ulster Classimat software enables online control of the yarn.

With HACCP compliance to ensure best quality products reach to the consumers, Danish Foods Limited places great importance on hygienic grooup processes.

Danish Foods Limited takes a comprehensive approach to all kinds of agro processed food products, considering all of the ways their lives can be enriched through ensuring hygienic and quality food products.


The company maintains strategically located sales centers in nineteen different locations across the country. It controls payments and schedules various payment activities in order to run the business more smoothly. Bangladesh is a country of immense opportunities.

The source of water plays a key role in the quantity and quality of water one wants to produce, as well as to remain profitable. Another promotional activities like free sampling in university, campus or on Pahela Baishak in Dhaka City including others big cities. It is found that although two separate reports are sent from each depot the quantities mentioned in each do not match creating difficulty for the Finance Department to conclude the right figures.

The Mills can produce all yarn counts from Net 6 to Net It has been observed that some depots are less focused on sales. Ninety percent of the domestic fabrics and yarn requirements are met by our PTS.

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Supply Chain Partex group A strong supply chain helps Partex group obtain the right resources from suppliers and delivery the right product to customers in a timely manner. To help pay for emergency care.

According to the fourth principle, people respond to incentives offered. And adopting latest technology group of company like Akij Group, they can minimize their all terj costs. The hospital is being operated as a non-profitable concern by Ad-Din Ilfare Trust. Strategic leadership VS globalisation The final implication of strategic leadership in this paper is the interaction between strategic leadership and globalisation.

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As there is no investigation of statement of sales return by finance department, the Company do not specify the reasons of sales returned stocks.

The comparison here is between the market of MUM and that of the other mineral water suppliers. When someone buys a half litre bottle of MUM he loses the chance to buy something else for that price, say grouup bar of chocolate that costs roughly the same.


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AFB limited maintains their customer right protection very effectively. Akij Group’s annual turnover grojp around Tk 3, crore, according to officials. The yarn is combed before finisher drawing RSB-D This encompasses everything from choosing quality materials to the use of storage facilities and careful monitoring of products using electronic sorting.

term paper on akij group

Conclusion Finally it can be said that Bottled Drinking Water has a major demand in the market of Bangladesh and a major portion of the demand is being met by Mum. The teams were chosen by the professor and we were given a list of topics to choose from for the term paper. Different promotional activities has been performed, e.

Sociology emerged kaij enlightenment thought, papwr after the French Revolution, as a positivist science of society.

Akiu economy of Bangladesh is a market economy. We have provided recommendation as per the brands of AFBL and they are outlined below: It also believes that success depends on customers.

Some examples of such threats include Shifts in customer tastes away from the firm products. Thus AFBL should firmly hold on to the USPs and perform greater promotional efforts centering the themes to create a platform papdr preserves the high-level sustainable awareness.

term paper on akij group

The following diagram shows how a SWOT analysis fits into an environment scan.