After he graduated from college, he decided to pursue a medical degree at the University of Edinburgh. John Turner visited Holmes and Watson. Crime was becoming a usual thing in London. We should learn from these characters that true love does triumph in the end. Turner explained the reason why he did this, the chronology of the murder, he had been a famous robber, and how McCarthy blackmailed him. I’m a practical teacher from shah alam.

Holmes and Watson arrived in Ross and met Lestrade. Post navigation Previous Post Cultural Studies: State the name of the novel and the lesson you learnt. He helped James McCarthy to leave prison. I hope these notes are helpful when you are revising for your exams, ok! John Turner visited Holmes and Watson.

Assalamualaikum, can you give me the moral value of loyalty in the boscombe valley mystery?

the boscombe valley mystery characters essay

But you need to be smart by changing and adapting the sample according to the question. Another evidence of love is between a father and his daughter. Thank you very much The court decided James ,ystery innocent. Charles did not know that John Turner had turned over a new leaf and started a new life in England.


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We should learn from these characters that true love does triumph in the end. At med school, Doyle met his mentor, Prof. Social circumstances in Victorian era London in the era of Queen Victoria was a fascinating place to live. He even goes to the extent of murdering Charles McCarthy so that Alice would be bosombe from the evil and scheming Charles.

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