The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. They can use their experiences and perspectives to express their views and back up their opinions. Time management is very important. Think about how your interests, background, etc. Your essay is written in a hurry and with a deadline, but it is scored under much more relaxed conditions. Take notice of the number of questions, the points for each question, the range of difficulty and the time available.

So specifically for your STEM accomplishments—these can be thinking and reading about your interests which I did , or performing home experiments, building things, teaching kids, visiting museums, participating in clubs, etc etc basically anything that demonstrates that you like STEM. Ask yourself questions about the materials you study. Carefully figure out the major content areas you need to learn. What are example TJ essays? Create some examples for each topic to help you cover the most important information. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are vital in addressing the complex societal and ethical issues of our time.

Because of essaj, my curiosity about pure math formed and grew, leading me to do individual research at the library and online. And lastly, on the day of the test, take some extra pencils in case you break one. Here are some tips you can use during the semester to be ready for any essay test that your instructor announces.

tjhsst essay samples

List important subtopics for each. I began to like math—no, I began to love it! While you practice, take a moment to re-read what you wrote.


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How many are there? Maths, is a great man, Tanshi writes. Students can take hard math and science classes at any high school in Northern Virginia. If you have been put in accelerated math, or if you worked hard to improve your math skills, talk about that.

Try some of these suggestions to get a better score on your next essay test: I loved the thrill of solving a problem correctly, the thrill of friendship and bringing my team to victory. If yes, explain why.

tjhsst essay samples

That is one of the reasons why Eseay want to go to TJ—with so many math offerings and enthusiasts, the opportunities there supersede the ones at the other high schools in this area. You can say that by winning a MUN debate you learned how to compromise and develop solutions, skills that will help you in the future idk how mun works lol.

If your teacher asks you to write in ink, take a pen with erasable ink. For complaints, use another form. Research stems from a combination of fundamental knowledge, individual creativity, and curiosity. They can use their experiences and perspectives to express their views and back up their opinions.

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Now, for this prompt, Tanshi is going to focus on these three strong points. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price.


Semifinalists will receive one piece of scratch paper to take notes, organize your thoughts, etc. Born in Washington D. Also ask the reader for any advice that could help tjhhsst your writing.

tjhsst essay samples

You dismissed this ad. This will earn you points! Do you agree or disagree with this statement and why? Read the instructional words included in the question carefully, for example, “Compare and contrast the culture of your country with the culture of a different country.

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My Mathcounts coach, Mr. The methods of science provide discipline to our search for structure in the world. Do you choose to work as a single U. Each essay is written on a special one-page form provided to the applicant.

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How are essays evaluated? The essays are scored according to specific rubrics designed for each essay, and students receive a score between 0 and 5.

You could even get samlles to time you. Preferably these answers demonstrate an insane love for STEM and a desire to learn more.