In this context, please follow the instructions available for your text editing program. They can be used to provide a concise overview of the contents of a document collection, they can reveal interesting relationships and they can be used as a navigation structure to further explore the documents. As a first contribution, this thesis lays the necessary ground for comparable research on computational models for concept map–based summarization. In the course of this project new possibilities of interdisciplinary applications showed up. Here, we develop advanced methods for microscopic calculations of the equation of state of homogeneous nuclear matter with arbitrary proton-to-neutron ratio at zero temperature. We show similar improvements for a new supervised importance estimation model and an optimal subgraph selection procedure.

By combining these techniques in a pipeline, we establish a new state-of-the-art for the summarization task. Print Impressum Privacy Policy. The objectives are to decrease the key size, create schemes with new properties, or to introduce other improvements. We conclude the thesis by presenting a prototype system that demonstrates the use of automatically generated summary concept maps in practice and by pointing out promising directions for future research on the topic of this thesis. TUprints – TU Darmstadt publication service The institutional repository TUprints offers all members of TU Darmstadt the opportunity to publish scientific research papers as electronic first or second publication. In contrast, expression of a phosphomimic form of Rad54 RadSE did not impair HR in G2, but promoted undesired removal of Rad51 from stalled replication forks in S phase.

Examples of these software programs are: This choice needs to reflect several constraints.

Attacking and Defending Code-based Cryptosystems

The presented experiments and simulations give proof that a realtime implementation of the strategy on a digital signal processor DSP is clearly advantageous as compared to the customary Fast Fourier Transformation. This shows that Weinberg eigenvalues also can be used as a helpful monitoring scheme when constructing new interactions.


Automating that task is challenging and requires a variety of text processing techniques including information extraction, coreference resolution and summarization. We propose a precise definition eissertation the task together with suitable evaluation protocols and carry out experimental comparisons of previously proposed methods.

As a first contribution, this thesis lays the necessary ground for comparable research on computational models for concept map–based summarization.

Attacking and Defending Code-based Cryptosystems

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Typical values are on the order of 5 to 6. Print Impressum Privacy Policy. Additionally, we study the use of neural networks to model the summarization problem as a single end-to-end task.

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The resolution limit of 10 nm on a navigation range of 10 cm equals a complexity degree of 7 and is demonstrated by coordinate based imaging of artificial opal films and large scale optical gratings. Create a metadata file.

Finally, the complexity of attacks against code-based schemes can usually be estimated accurately in the ul number of binary operations instead of relying on the asymptotic O-notation. To address the challenging inclusion of three-body forces, we introduce a new partial-wave method for normal ordering that generalizes the treatment of these contributions. Secondly, once a secure primitive has been found, appropriate code parameters have to be selected. Downloads per month over past year.

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Der signalverarbeitende Algorithmus wurde an einem Rasterkraftmikroskop getestet. Investigation of factors involved in late stages of homologous recombination. The formation of Rad51 foci as a readout for ongoing HR repair was not affected in ATRX depleted cells compared to control cells and also the removal at late times was almost normal.


Calculations of asymmetric matter require in addition reliable fit values for the low-energy couplings that contribute to the 3N forces. Als einen ersten Schritt in diese Richtung, studieren wir Kernmaterie basierend auf evolvierten chiralen Wechselwirkungen, welche eine sehr gute Vielteilchenkonvergenz bis zur vierten Ordnung aufweisen. While such approaches are dramstadt yet competitive with pipeline-based approaches, we report several experiments that illustrate the challenges – mostly related to training data – that currently limit the performance of this technique.

In addition, different methods for obtaining self-consistent solutions of the gap equation are discussed.

Nuclear matter from chiral effective field theory. Paul and Cardoso, Prof.

Nuclear matter from chiral effective field theory

Print Impressum Privacy Policy. Said atomic force microscope is part of a nanocartographer that integrates micro and nano mechanical components by an innovative design to measure the system properties spatially resolved. The degree of complexity — defined here as the logarithmic ratio of system to structure size — is a most relevant and rapidly growing technology parameter.

Diese Arbeit leistet einen Beitrag zu zwei wichtigen Aspekten der Entwicklung kryptographischer Anwendungen. Attacking and Defending Code-based Cryptosystems. Print Impressum Privacy Policy. Second, we demonstrate that a predicate-argument analysis tool can be ported from English to German with low effort, indicating that the extraction veröfffentlichen can also be applied to other languages.

Firstly, it exhibits advanced security properties: Without them, society would change in ways we can hardly imagine.