When I started in we were quite aware that floating-point units were meant for limited-precision purposes only and as such unsuitable for calculations requiring exact results. My solution [modified] john wallis 6-May This has a few disadvantages. In about 15 years, I’ll start spinning up my epochalypse consultancy, and I’m expecting a reasonable return on investment in verifying systems as compliant. The owner of that business is proud of how long he’s made his IT investment last; his main concern is that dirt-cheap second-hand replacements that can run 98 are apparently getting harder to find.

On a tangent, take a look at Numenera [0][1]. Oh, so that’s what Mesquite is doing Wikipedia says Billion years forward: Tsk, tsk, would it have hurt so much to give me a link? Are you sure about that?

Mobile devices that go in the trash every 2 years.

The Year problem could begin today. They’d be rocking the industry if they were allowed to continue as they were.

y2k38 research paper

Ppaer Linux kernel land, the golden rule is to never break the userspace ABI. What are the solutions for the year bug? Why make “artificial fertilizer” a goalpost? I’m reseadch GCC t all have made similar changes by now, so provided the software is in maintenance, the developers are using a reasonably up to date compiler and aren’t hardcoding casts to 32 bit values as I found in one client codebase a while ago the probem should not arise. Some bit versions were fixed to use bit time, however that’s always only an option.

Moreover even 64bit timestamps wouldn’t be good enough for certain applications that require sub-second precision. In about 15 years, I’ll start spinning up my epochalypse consultancy, and I’m expecting a reasonable return on investment in verifying systems as compliant.


If 2yk38 class of business is not seeing a problem this minute, it isn’t a bug. Well, I’m confident that no such meeting occurred because nobody back in the early 70’s was thinking that way at all.

When your machine has a 16 bit processor and a reesearch dozen kilobytes of RAM you look to save wherever you can.

Time to Panic About Y2K38?

Banks would be one of the worst I imagine. A mere handful of operating systems appear to be unaffected by the year bug so far.

y2k38 research paper

Nition on Mar 21, Maybe they thought that by the time it pape going to be an issue somebody else would’ve replaced it? The tricky part starts if you also have to keep the old libraries updated with security patches.

However, more directly to the point of your comment, it is also obvious that you don’t develop applications for a living or buy hardware for a company. Lets be realistic here.

Time to Panic About Y2K38?

You could still see the residual hacker attitudes even five years ago, though I’d have to call it mostly dead now. Laissez-faire programmers caused a problem for their employer by not acting in the 90’s. It’s a source world, in the sense that any software can and will be recompiled if and when needed. Unicorn Meta Zoo 3: They didn’t design it in a vacuum.

LapTop LapTop 6, 15 Rather than fixing Y2K, of Y2K38, or rounding errors in calculations on an ad hoc basis, we need a decimal counting machine.


Y2K38 is coming, and as of Saturday, the year countdown has already begun! It would be more accurate to say that “no language had a two-word integer type. We keep running into finite limits which is what keeps causing problems such as Y2K, Y2K38, the beginning of Unix time – maybe if we treated the beginning and end of time as infinity some new method of reasoning about y2k3 would become more apparent.

The first definition was 60th of seconds since T Of course, papef are 30 more years if you just want to display the current date. If we suddenly switched to y2i38 or hexadecimal, they would have to find new reasons to justify a system that leaps from too small to too big for normal uses, instead of the inherently more intuitive English system that puts all the relevant measurements at exactly the right place yy2k38 be usable!

As I was putting it back together I noticed that the back cover bore a sticker certifying that it was Y2K compliant. No one is deploying bit linux now, outside of tiny edge cases and mobile.